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402:DOPAMINE DETOX: Trick Your Brain To Love Doing Hard Things

July 20, 2020
Type "YES" if you are over with being lazy!!! I bet that you have a ton of different things that make you happy and make you feel good, but you probably rely only on a handful of them because they are the easiest ones to do. For example, you know that going for a 5k run gives you energy and boosts your confidence, but laying on the couch and eating ice cream gives you a similar sense of wellbeing in the short-term. The good news is that you can rewire your brain to crave long-term gain over short-term gratification. The first step is to stop doing anything that 'makes you feel good' for a set period of time before doing anything else. This is not an easy step, but it's essential so that you can flush out all the dopamine and its effects it has had on your brain. Dopamine gets released every time you are about to "get what you want," so think about how many times you've eaten junk food or did something you regretted, just for the sake of getting that dopamine rush. The second step is to replace your old habits with the ones that you want to start. As you practice these new actions, focus on the effects that they're having on your body and mind. You will notice a sense of euphoria, happiness, bliss, or other types of high energy feelings. This type of wellbeing is much better than the one caused by instant gratification because it doesn't come with any sort of guilt attached to it. Once you started your new productive lifestyle, you can reintroduce some of your old "vices," but now you should be stronger and more in control of your habits. But if you ever feel like you are "relapsing," cut all your instant gratification habits at once. That way, you make sure to reset your brain and then you can start the process again!

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