The Remote CEO Show

393: Proven steps to getting featured

July 9, 2020

News flash: reporters are people too...⠀

I know it seems obvious, but a ton of people have no idea how to get press coverage for their business.⠀

If that is you... think about a few different ways you can "repackage" your business with an inspiring story that readers would like.⠀

Once you have that covered, it's time to do some research and find out who's writing awesome content in your niche.⠀

If you're in business, you may be looking at Forbes, Adweek, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, etc. If you are in other niches, do your research and single out a series of publications.⠀

Now it's time to build relationships... Yes!!! Stop being "comfortable" and get out of your bubble!!! Talk to people, comment on their articles, add value in any way you can...⠀

This is going to help you when you are ready to pitch your story!!!⠀

That's it!!! Don't overthink it!

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