The Remote CEO Show

375: 4 Ways to Get Featured

June 18, 2020

If you worked hard, but no one noticed, did it really happen?⠀

Of course, it did happen. But when it comes to branding, it kinda didn't.⠀

If you are starting out, and you have a fantastic product, but no one knows about it, you should be freaking out!⠀

Start researching reporters in your field and read their articles. Get their attention. ⠀

Think about ways to make your business' story interesting. You can also do that by linking people up and organizing events.⠀

Here's the thing. You need attention, and no one is going to help you get attention if you don't put yourself out there. ⠀

PR is like the megaphone you need to reach more people. You can only shout so loud on your own.⠀

Do your future self a favor and set aside a few hours a week to get your name out there

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